Writing Groups

Participants in a writing groupWriting is a significant part of our professional lives as faculty. We’re working on articles, grant proposals, books, teaching statements, blogs, or op-eds. Too often, however, we don’t have opportunities to talk about the process, our struggles, or to get feedback from readers outside (or even within) our own departments. It also can be difficult to find time to write given our other important commitments as teachers, mentors, and administrators.

The Faculty Write Program sponsors writing groups to enhance writing productivity, collegiality, and the exchange of ideas across disciplines. Writing group types include:

  • Feedback/writing exchange groups – each participant brings a short piece of writing to share for discussion.
  • Write-on-site – participants meet at an agreed upon time and place to work on independent writing projects alongside other faculty.
  • Accountability or “check-in” groups – faculty set goals and share their progress with other faculty (can be in person or virtual). Participants report back on their progress, and reporting to a group of peers increases their accountability to meet the outlined goals.

  • Participants on Couches

Some groups form around specific topics (i.e. experiential education), type of writing (creative writing or public scholarship), or faculty cohort (new faculty, associate professors, women faculty). Writing groups form in September, December, and May. Please fill out this interest form if you’d like to participate in or lead a faculty writing group.

Fall 2018 Writing Groups

(1) WRITE-ON-SITE. Arrive with any materials you will need to work on your own writing. Please contact the faculty convener if you are interested in joining the group. Write on-site groups begin meeting first week of classes. 

Tuesdays, 4-6pm in Perkins 413.  

Convener, Magda Silva (Romance Studies), mbcsilva@duke.edu.

Thursdays, 9:30-Noon.

8/30-9/20 group meets on the top floor of Environment Hall, Mezzanine level. 9/27-12/13 group meets in LSRC A148 (Building A of LSRC). Conveners, Rob Schick (Environment), rss10@duke.edu  and Dori Canelas (Chemistry)

(2) FIRST BOOK FACULTY WRITING GROUP. Tuesdays beginning 9/25, 10am-1pm. Rubenstein Arts Center 230. (second floor conference room across from the Dance office.) 2020 Campus Drive

Are you working on your first book?  Would you benefit from meeting and writing alongside other faculty also working on their first book?  Want to learn from faculty who’ve just published and discuss strategies to sustain momentum and meet deadlines during the academic year?  Please email sarah.wilbur@duke.edu if interested in joining this group. Conveners Sarah Wilbur (Dance) and Jennifer Ahern-Dodson (Writing Studies)

SPRING 2019 

WRITING GROUPS FOR RESEARCHERS. Interdisciplinary groups of writers will convene to learn about the benefits of writing groups in enhancing writing productivity and collegiality across the Duke Schools and Institutes. Participants will have an opportunity to meet their writing group members (sorted based on work-style preference, disciplinary preference and availability), and develop shared goals for the semester. This program is open to Duke affiliates with faculty appointments.  Co-Sponsored by the Office of Research Initiatives and Facuty Write. Contact: Kristine Glauber, kristine.glauber@duke.edu.

Summer 2018 Writing Groups

Summer Writing Group Ad

The Office of Research Initiatives, in collaboration with Duke Faculty Write, is hosting a summer writing group program to encourage productivity and accountability in your writing. The program brings together research faculty from across Duke and assembles them into self-directed writing groups. All research faculty are welcome to take part, regardless of discipline and regardless of writing project. Seats are limited (50) and registration is required. Participation includes the following:

  • Attend a 2-hour orientation to the program, that includes information about how the writing groups will function, and an opportunity to meet with the faculty members that were assigned into groups based on their preferences. Orientation will be held, over a free lunch, on May 16th from 11:00 – 1:00 in Perkins 217.
  • Work with your assigned group to meet 5+ times during the summer. Schedules and frequency are determined by the writing groups themselves.  During these meetings, the group leader will share resources that may help you with your writing.

To get started, complete the registration and intake form by April 30th.

Contact Jennifer Ahern-Dodson (jahern@duke.edu) to discuss organizing a writing group, workshop, or retreat for your department, school, or program.